Pet Dental Care in Granbury

Pet Dental Care

For a healthy life, your pet needs a healthy mouth. Aside from eating, your pet uses their mouth when playing and exploring their surroundings. Their oral health is directly connected to their physical health. Unfortunately, many cats and dogs suffer from some type of dental problem, whether it’s gingivitis or gum disease. These conditions are painful and can impede your pet’s ability to live a happy life. In addition, gum disease that is left untreated can lead to more serious conditions like heart, liver and kidney disease.

Pet dental care plays an important role in preserving your companion’s well-being and helping them live longer. That’s why our veterinary team in Granbury places special emphasis on dentistry for all of our four-legged patients.

How Does an Unhealthy Mouth Cause Other Health Problems?

Gum disease can range in severity among pets, but if left untreated, the results are more or less the same. When plaque and tartar accumulate on your pet’s teeth above and below the gum line, they secrete harmful bacteria that infects the pockets around the teeth. Consequently, this infection can attack the tooth’s roots, but more alarmingly, the bacteria can also enter the bloodstream and affect the internal organs. This makes gum disease much more difficult to treat, which is why we advocate for preventing it altogether.

Professional Dental Services

Individual pets have individual dental care needs. Some animals are more susceptible to dental issues than others. Therefore, some pets will require a more aggressive approach for treating or preventing gum disease. Once we get to know your pet and understand their daily routine, we can create a dental protocol specifically for their needs. Our veterinarians in Granbury start with the dental exam to evaluate your pet’s teeth and check for damage. If necessary, they will recommend a professional dental cleaning.

The dental cleaning procedure includes:

  • An oral exam to check for problem areas requiring treatment
  • Administering anesthesia to perform a safe, thorough cleaning on your pet
  • Scaling each tooth to remove plaque and tartar
  • Polishing to smooth the surface of the teeth and discourage future buildup
  • Surgical extractions for teeth that cannot be saved

At-Home Dental Care for Your Pet

Ongoing at-home dental care is essential for your pet’s oral health. Annual exams and professional cleanings are only part of your pet’s dental program. Our team can help you look into effective at-home care techniques and tools, from teeth brushing to dental chews and treats (which we carry in our hospital). We welcome any questions you have on the topic of pet dentistry, and look forward to helping you!