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We are proud to introduce you to our dedicated team of Granbury vets and veterinary professionals serving at Morgan Street Animal Hospital.

Dr. Richard Gesell, Fear Free Certified

Dr. Richard Gesell, Fear Free Certified


Dr. Richard Gesell was raised in southern Maryland, and attended college at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, graduating with a degree in Paramedicine. After working as a paramedic in Maryland, and North Carolina, he decided to go back to school and become a veterinarian. He graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006 and moved to North East Texas to work as a dairy veterinarian. In 2010, Dr. Gesell joined a mixed animal veterinary practice in Quitman, Texas, and developed an interest in small animal veterinary medicine and surgery, specifically in feline medicine, surgery, and anesthesia. In 2013, Drs. Gesell purchased the Acton Animal Hospital in Granbury, Texas to continue a career in small animal medicine exclusively. In 2018, he purchased Morgan Street Animal Hospital to expand his love and care to both sides of Granbury. The primary species Dr. Gesell works with are cats, dogs, and small mammals (exotics) such as rabbits, ferrets, rats, and guinea pigs.

Dr. Richard Gesell is married to his lovely wife Kristina, who is also a veterinarian and partner in Acton Animal Hospital. They have a daughter Amelia Grace and a son Richard Charles. He also has 4-legged children consisting of two dogs, multiple cats, chickens, fish, and gerbils.

Dr. Kristina Gesell, DABVP Canine/Feline, Fear Free Certified

Dr. Kristina Gesell, DABVP Canine/Feline, Fear Free Certified


Dr. Kristina Gesell is a 2001 graduate of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been working as a small animal veterinarian since then in North Carolina, Dallas, east Texas, and Granbury. In 2011 she became a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners certified in Canine and Feline Practice, and just recently recertified for another 10 years (until 2032). She has an interest in oncology, endocrinology, and ultrasound and is developing an interest in herbal medicine.

Dr. Kristina has been married to Dr. Richard Gesell for many years and they have 2 children – Amelia and Richard (AKA Junior). They have numerous dogs, cats, chickens, fish, and a gerbil at home, plus all the clinic cats between the two hospitals. Outside of work, she likes to read, cook, do jigsaw puzzles, quilt, and crochet/knit.

Debra Gryder, DVM

Debra Gryder, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Gryder was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and moved to El Campo, Texas with her parents when she was fifteen. Dr. Gryder knew she wanted to become a veterinarian early in life and enjoyed spending time with her dogs, cats, and horses growing up in Texas. Dr. Gryder attended Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1991. She married her husband, Scott, while in veterinary school and they moved to Granbury in 1996. She has worked as a veterinarian for over twenty years in and around Granbury. Dr. Gryder enjoys all parts of veterinary medicine, including wellness preventative medicine, internal medicine, and surgery. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is getting to know the clients and caring for their pets throughout their lifetime. Dr. Gryder enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 daughters, her church (Triple Cross Cowboy Church), her dogs, cats, horses, and cattle.

Michelle Henderson

Practice Manager

Michelle's Bio
Michelle grew up in Burleson, Texas, where she met and fell in love with her husband in 8th grade! They raised their two sons in Joshua, Texas, and after they both graduated, She and her husband decided they wanted to live on the lake. Michelle joined our team 2 years ago after searching for a facility that would allow her to pursue nursing school while still being able to teach and share knowledge with others. She began working in the veterinary field after being laid off. She stumbled upon a Receptionist Position and slowly worked her way into the technician role, and realized her calling was to help pets and their owners. Michelle has two dogs of her own: Lucy, a boxer that is “allergic to life” but would not hurt a fly. She actually helped train their newest family member to sit by taking her paw and pushing his rump down so they could both get the treat. Timon, the newest member, is a chihuahua adopted from Friends for Animals here in Granbury, and he is absolutely in love with Lucy. “Every so often, he will look at me and bark to remind me, ’She is still outside, mom!’” Michelle loves to learn new things and challenge herself. In her spare time, she loves to find the beauty in things and enhance it. For example, remodeling houses, redoing furniture and bringing plants back to life from the clearance section. She also has a passion for developing other people, helping them find their strengths, and growing them so that they can help other people as well. Michelle’s favorite part of working in the veterinary field is assisting with emergencies and critical care patients and teaching others how to handle those situations as well.

“I searched and found a home here where the owners of the business, doctors, and staff truly care. Not only for the pets and their owners but for the staff as well.”

Courtnee Womack

Office Manager – CVA 1, Fear Free Certified
Courtnee's Bio
Courtnee grew up in Brock, Texas, with her four siblings and her parents. She has always had a love of animals, especially growing up with so many in the house. She always wanted every animal to be her friend and always seemed to have wild animals trust her. Courtnee started the practice in 2016 after graduating from Tarleton State University with a degree in Biomedical Science. Her favorite part of working in the clinic is looking at cytologies under the microscope, which is like a puzzle for her because she has to search for the problem in order to help provide the doctor with a solution for the pet. Courtnee has two dogs, an old schnauzer mix who is the warden of play for any animal visitors and a crazy german shepherd whose favorite word is “outside.” In her spare time, she loves to put together jigsaw puzzles, hang out with family and friends and play board games.

“I have always loved animals, and it has always been my dream to help them.”

CJ Sojourner

Licensed Veterinary Technician
CJ's Bio

CJ is a Licensed Veterinary Technician that started with our clinic in 2021. Originally from Colorado, CJ graduated from the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 2011. In her spare time, CJ enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 children, 3 dogs, and a cat.

Megan Slimp

Veterinary Technician – CVA 2, Fear Free Certified

Megan's Bio

Megan grew up in Lipan, Texas, and came to work at Acton Animal Hospital 2 years ago. Megan’s love of working in the veterinary field stemmed from working on a farm with her family. Megan told us of the moment that really solidified her desire to work with animals. “I think what made my heart fully emerge in loving animals and wanting to help them was when I had a lamb that got stuck in a stock tank and almost didn’t make it. I just remember us doing everything we could to save the lamb and we did, I knew at that moment that what I wanted to do was help animals of all kinds.” Megan really shines best when she is working with cats. She enjoys earning their trust because they are so challenging and picky about the people they let in. Megan has 3 cats of her own, as well as 3 retired cutting horses. Most of her hobbies now include spending time with her beautiful baby girl Aleigh and her husband Brad. She looks forward to teaching her how to love animals just as much as she does. She still helps out at the Hood County stock show each January, helping teach clover kids how to respect and care for animals, as well as confidence and responsibility.

“Every day is a new day here and I enjoy learning new things and laughing with my coworkers.”

Heather Bloodgood

Veterinary Technician – CVA 2, Fear Free Certified

Heather's Bio
Heather (AKA Beegee) grew up right here in Granbury with her parents and her sister. She had been at the Morgan Street Animal Hospital for seven years before the doctor purchased the clinic, and we are so glad she decided to stay with the clinic when we bought it. She has three cats of her own and a dog, as well as a whole flock of chickens. When Beegee was in high school, they were tasked with giving subcutaneous banana injections of food coloring. The teacher at the time was very picky, and Beegee was one of the only two people who could do the injection correctly, so she likes to say that she became a vet tech because of a banana. Her favorite part of working at the clinic would be drawing blood samples for lab work and taking radiographs because it is fun to guess what the doctor will diagnose. She has a special interest in cats, especially the Morgan Street clinic cat (Niblet), which we refer to as her son. She loves photographing plants and flowers, video games, drawing, and telling jokes.

Mickie Jones

Veterinary Technician – CVA 1, Fear Free Certified

Mickie's Bio

Mickie was born and raised in Belton, Texas. She moved away after graduating from Mclennan Community College. She had several friends that were working with animals that convinced her to try it and from her very first day as a kennel technician, she fell in love with the job. Mickie has been in the veterinary field since 2008 and started with our practice in 2020. She is currently working on becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT). She used to have snakes, rats, guinea pigs, and birds, but now she only has 2 dogs and 4 cats. She hopes to have a Great Dane or a Newfoundland when she has a bigger place. When Mickie is not at work, she enjoys reading, watching tv, and hanging out with friends. She also liked to have people over to try different recipes. Mickie’s favorite part about working in this field is seeing the clients’ love for their pets throughout the years and caring for other people’s pets like they are part of the family.

Kylee Breyette

Veterinary Assistant – CVA 1

Kylee's Bio
Kylee grew up in Mississippi but traveled the world as a military child. She has a brother and two half-sisters that she grew up with. Her biggest influence was her dad because of how hard he worked to overcome multiple obstacles in life. Her mother taught her never to give up and follow her dreams. Growing up, Kylee has always enjoyed watching veterinarian tv shows. When she started high school, she took classes to receive her Certified Veterinary Assistant certificate, then went on to take multiple animal-related classes. She had a boxer when she was younger that protected her from a diamondback rattlesnake and prevented it from getting into the house. The boxer was bit 6 times trying to swallow the snake, but she protected the family. That is when she knew that animals were more than just pets, and it gave her inspiration to follow her dreams. Kylee joined our practice in September of 2021. She enjoys learning as much as she possibly can, and her favorite visit is to assist with litter visits. She enjoys learning about the different pieces of equipment in the office and running lab work. In her free time, Kylee loves to go hiking, traveling, and going to concerts. She also enjoys spending time with her two cats, that she loves to death. She actually hiked Mt. Fuji in Japan when she lived there as a child!

“I really enjoy learning as much as I possibly can and playing with all the puppies.”

Amanda Ashby

Veterinary Assistant/Lead Kennel Care Attendant – Fear Free Certified
Amanda's Bio

Amanda grew up in San Antonio but moved to Kerrville with her mom and stepdad when she turned 19. She graduated from Tarleton State University in May of 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science with a pre-veterinary concentration and a minor in biology, and is in the process of applying to vet school! Amanda started at the practice in May of 2021 as a kennel care attendant and moved into the veterinary assistant role very quickly! She loves looking at fecal samples or cytologies under the microscope because you get to see a whole other world and it also helps figure out why the pet does not feel well. Her favorite part of the job is the problem-solving that goes into every day working in this field, with each new case that comes in. She has 2 cats that she says “do not do any tricks but boy do they have me well trained!” Any amount of free time she has is spent playing with her cats, working on vet school applications, and planning her wedding.

“I love getting to interact with each pet that comes into the practice. It truly makes each day worthwhile!”

Rebekah Corrior

Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Care Attendant
Rebekah's Bio

Rebekah started with our practice in February of 2022 as a Kennel Care Attendant and has worked her way up quickly to Vet Assistant. She grew up in Quitman, Texas with her 2 sisters and 1 brother being raised by their grandparents. Rebekah graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 with a degree in Animal Science and she is in the process of applying to vet school soon! In her spare time, Rebekah loves working out, reading, drawing, and working on puzzles. She has been training for 6 months for a competition based on muscle composition and is hoping to do her first show in the middle of next year! She also has 2 dogs of her own with her boyfriend, named Silly and Scout. Both babies are rescues and have goofy personalities of their own. Rebekah was inspired to work with animals after spending her high school years working with her neighbor, after her husband passed, to care for her horses. She learned to bathe, clean stalls, clean hooves, etc while developing a close bond and friendship with her neighbor. Rebekah really enjoys the challenge that comes with being in the veterinary field, always having to learn and keep up with what is new in the industry.

“I love that we are able to be our own person and we don’t have to change our appearance to come to work. I have gained so many new friends, this is the first time I’ve ever had work friends.”

Gracen Cash

Kennel Care Attendant

Gracen's Bio
Gracen grew up on a cattle ranch most of her life, then moved to a Game ranch where her biggest influence was her dad. He taught her everything he knew about wildlife. She remembers taking care of orphaned raccoons with her family getting up at all hours of the night to feed them. She raised those babies until they were old enough to be released back into the wild, which left her heartbroken, but the knowledge that they had a good life made her happy, and she knew she had prepared them well for the outside world. Gracen has always been around a multitude of animals, growing up on a farm since she was a baby. This upbringing is what inspired her love of animals. She started with our practice in April of 2022, and her favorite part of caring for all the boarders is seeing all of their personalities. She has a dog of her own ( a very goofy American Bully) that she loves to spend time with the outside of work, as well as fishing and soaking up the sun.

“I really like seeing all the different animals and how they all have different personalities.”

Emilee Carr

Veterinary Receptionist – CVA 1, Fear Free Certified
Emilee's Bio

Emilee grew up and still lives in Stephenville, Texas with her sister, parents, aunt, 2 nephews, and grandparents. She came to the practice in October 2018 as a kennel technician and quickly moved into the role of a room technician within a matter of months. Ever since she was young, her family had told her she had an unexplainable way with animals and always knew what to do for them. She used to go to the farm at TSU in Stephenville with her grandparents to pet all of the horses. What she enjoys most about working in veterinary medicine is working with the doctor to figure out diagnoses for the patients, helping with anxious pets, and even at the hardest times she is grateful for the opportunity to be with families as their pets cross the rainbow bridge. She has one dog of her own, a 1-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer named Peetie, as well as several animals at her parents’ farm including 3 miniature dachshunds, 2 horses, 2 Angus cows, and a duck named Dutton. In her spare time, Emilee enjoys taking her dog swimming, fishing, spending time with her family, and going to sporting events in Stephenville.

“What I enjoy most about my job is seeing all of the pets come in for vaccinations leaving happy and healthy.”

Jennifer Holt

Client Service Representative

Jennifer's Bio

Jennifer joined our practice in mid-June of 2022 after being a stay-at-home mom for 7-8 years. Jennifer grew up all over Central Texas with her Papa as her greatest influence. He inspired her to join the Army, where she was on active duty for 8 years. Jennifer has been happily married to her husband since April of 2020. In her free time, Jennifer uses photography as a hobby to relax and calm her PTSD, as well as going to the beach and fishing. She has a 15-year-old son, as well as a dog and a cat. She took in her dog as a rescue and dedicated lots of time and energy to teach her how to be a member of the family, lay on the couch, and cuddle. Jennifer’s favorite part about working in the veterinary office is being able to watch patients grow from puppy to adulthood, and watching them grow into their big personalities no matter how small they might be in size.

“There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the pet’s excitement to see you when they come for an appointment.”

Carol Mitchell

Client Service Representative

Carol's Bio
Carol grew up on a farm in a small town in East Bell County, where she attempted to tame many barn cats as a child (scratches and all!). She had been a client of our practice for two years before she decided to join our team in July of 2022. She has been in the veterinary profession for 30 years, and we are so lucky she has joined our team! As a child, she remembers hiding a kitten that she had tamed in her closet to protect it from all the predators outside. She is very fulfilled when she can help a family – pet and human – by giving options to clients and helping the pets. She has many rescues at home – dogs, cats, birds, etc. – that she enjoys spending time with the outside of work. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family. Carol’s family is her life – Her Husband, four daughters, two sons-in-law, and one fabulous grandson.

“I have been in this profession for many years, knowing that since animals did not have a voice, I could be that voice for them.”

Rachel Plemons

Client Service Representative

Rachel's Bio

Rachel grew up in Florida with 2 younger siblings with the beach as her playground, so boating and skiing are some of her favorite activities. She also enjoys putting puzzles together with her husband. The most difficult one took them 2 months to finish, and when they did they found it was missing the very centerpiece! She has 2 dogs, both with Disney-themed names. Rachel started with us in April of 2021. Her favorite part of the job is being able to get a sick patient in and seen by the doctor quickly. Some of the other technicians have also started to teach her some of the science behind everything, like reading samples on a microscope which makes her very excited! Growing up, her first dog inspired her to begin helping animals, watching over them, and protecting them. She remembers growing up playing outside with her brother, and her dog was always there. He would even herd them back to their playset if they strayed too far. Seeing how he would watch over and protect them, inspired her to want to watch over and protect others as well. One of the things we enjoy about Rachel is when she is comfortable or very passionate about something, her very distinct southern accent shines through.

“I applied thinking it could be a chance to learn something new, and since then I’ve continued to learn something new every day in this profession.”

Britny Swanberg

Pet Stylist/Groomer – Fear Free Certified

Britny's Bio

Britny grew up in Grandview, Texas watching Cesar Milan as a child, which then inspired her career as a dog behaviorist/trainer. She quickly realized that she loves the creativity and satisfaction she receives as a groomer, especially when a happy owner picks up their clean, cute, stylin’ pup. Britny loves taking on the “tough” cases, for instance, she worked over 4 hours on a Chow Chow that had been turned away by every other clinic. She diligently worked with this pet to desensitize him to the sounds of a grooming salon and earn his trust to make sure that he knew no one was going to hurt him and that he was safe. She then continued to groom him every 4 weeks, and each time he got better. Britny came to Morgan Street Animal Hospital in March of 2021, after moving to Granbury with her husband and two beautiful children. Britny has a very smart Boxer that she has taught several tricks, such as shutting the door or retrieving a bottle of water from the fridge. In her spare time, she plays piano for their church, has written a children’s book series, and loves to refinish furniture or fix up houses. Britny and her husband also like to travel, for instance, dog sledding on top of a glacier in Alaska, having their portrait painted on the street in front of Notre Dame, deep sea kayaking off the coast of Sitka, and many more!

“I love learning absolutely anything I can about animals, which is one of the reasons I love working at a veterinary clinic because I get to see the medical side of things.”

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